Monday, April 12, 2010

Just the girls for two weeks!

Mark left Friday before Easter to go to Thailand and Singapore on a business trip. I had to be responsible and stay home so I could get Emily to school. Only because we are leaving on May 6th for a two week vacation in Maui. I can't take her out of school more than that. The first week I was really sick... Ok Three days ( Mon, Tues, and Wed.) Emily was a trooper and took care of me as well as cooked dinner for herself Tues. and Wed. I was in bed by 4:00 and slept the whole night both days. Thursday I had a relay for life fundraiser bunco event to attend. I was so glad I felt better and was able to go and show my support. Not to mention get out of the house and have a little girl friend time. I went with Gina, Joyce, Michelle, and Judi. What a Fun night!

The event ended at 9:00 and we weren't ready to go home so we headed down town to the wine bar... Surprise they were closed at 9:30 on a Thurs. night. Too funny! So we went over to the Cigar bar to have a glass of wine. They have a stripper pole in the middle of the place. So being the crazy girls we are and because there wasn't anyone there but us (gives you a little more courage) Gina decided she was going to try and do a trick. We all spotted her and she did try but wasn't successful. It's not as easy as you would think! Oh well maybe next time! HEE HEE!

Friday morning Emily had her braces put on. They only put the top ones on for now! She wasn't a happy girl. But she will be when she's all done.

Friday night I went to the movies and dinner as the third wheel with GIna & John, Damon & Joyce, and Manley & Judi. We went to dinner at Pho Vietnam love the place then we went to see Date Movie. It was funny and worth seeing. After we ended up at the Wine Bar. Always a good time. Saturday I decided it was a girls day for me and Emily. I felt bad that first I was sick and then I have all these plans. We had a fun day. Girl talk in the morning then Lunch at Tao San Jin‎ yummy Chinese food. We then picked up Mary Ann Puppo and went to see Clash of the Titans... It brought back some childhood memories. They did a good job with the movie and the 3D special effects were incredible. After we went to Red Robins for dinner (Emily's request). Came home and I think Emily had enough. She went to her room and on the phone with her boyfriend or at least that's what she calls him. Can you have a boy friend that lives in another state. HEE HEE! I know it's good for the parents, don't have to worry about the normal boy friend girl friend stuff. Rumor is he's coming back to Brentwood either this summer or the start of school. That should be a fun time for Mark and I! Oh boy I can only imagine.
Last night I went to a Young life fundraiser banquet. Emily was asked to work it but she wasn't feeling well and her teeth hurt. So off I went all by my lonesome. Luckily Dennis and Mary Ann were there. They were the only ones I knew. It was a nice evening. I was home early enough to hang out with Emily. Today is finish taxes, Tomorrow I'm driving to San Jose to help Danielle. Her grandmother passed and the funeral is in San Jose and then she is having dinner at her house. SO I'm going to help her with all that so she can relax and grieve. Wed. Mark is coming home! Yay! Can't wait to see him. He sent me a few pics by email. He said he has more on his phone so when he gets back I'll download them and share!

Hope everyone has a great week! Wish the weather would clear up!



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